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The counterfeiting industry grows

The counterfeiting of products has been around for ages; however, last two decades have shown a rapid growth of the piracy and counterfeiting industry. $300 billion dollars worth of counterfeit good is estimated to be sold annually

UK’s Telegraph even mentions that 2.5% of international trade now comprises counterfeit and fake goods. This figure is roughly equal to the entire GDP of Austria. Counterfeiting is a threat to every brand.

Why is it growing?

Low operational costs and the power of near total anonymity have made it simpler than ever for individuals and organizations to sell counterfeit products and goods, without being detected. It is estimated that 16.5% of all goods sold online is counterfeit.

Never has it been easier to market counterfeit products. Cheap imitations of products such as cosmetics, toys, accessories, pharmaceuticals and even goods such as car parts can be found and bought everywhere now.

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Our Evidential Purchasing Strategy

To achieve the detection and deletion of infringing material, Onsist incorporates advanced monitoring technology, specialized anti-counterfeit analysis and enforcement teams.


Our Onsist agents are experts in seeking out targets that may interest our clients and customers. These targets can be websites, marketplaces or individuals that illegally sell counterfeit products.


Our experts will share all of the found marketplaces, websites and individuals with you. In collaboration, we will narrow down our search and will focus on the targets you wish to be removed.

Evidential Purchases

Now it’s time for evidential purchasing actions. We recommend to you which products should be purchased based on certain established criteria.

Case building

With the evidence gathered through purchases, we will start the building of a case. Once enough proof of the product being counterfeit is gathered, we will ask for the removal.

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Protect your revenue

We don’t have to tell you that counterfeiting poses a serious threat to manufacturers, retailers, brand and even customers. Counterfeit goods can lead to mistrust, revenue loss and a ruined brand image.

The only way to end this digital plague is to use effective anti-counterfeiting technology in combination with a good evidential purchasing strategy. Onsist would love to help you out.

Onsist brand protection services

Our evidential purchasing service is an added feature to our anti-counterfeiting service. We also offer an anti-piracy protection service and a mobile application protection service.

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Protect your products and goods against the likes of counterfeiting.

Anti Counterfeiting Solution

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Retain your revenue by protecting your digital products against digital piracy.

Anti Piracy Protection

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Application Protection

Safeguard your mobile application and fight against piracy.

Application Protection