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Counterfeiters and your brand

How do counterfeiters affect your business’ revenue and performance? What can happen if you don’t act on this?


Affected customers may display the once bitten twice shy syndrome and choose to stay away from your brand for a while. This leads into your brand missing out on a solid revenue stream. Our counterfeit solutions will protect your brand.

Lost Revenue

Counterfeit goods directly take a slice off your revenue. Customers will be buying what they presume to be your products from the counterfeit seller. Therefore, you will miss out on potential income.

Lost Traffic

Counterfeiters can divert traffic away from your site and drive it to rogue sites.They may even indulge in ‘brandjacking’ by creating a replica of your brand website and assuming your online identity.

Counterfeiting Facts & Figures

Counterfeit goods have been around for centuries. Here are some shocking numbers.

60% of counterfeit goods originate from China.

2% of global imports are counterfeit goods.

$461 billion is the amounted value of counterfeit goods.

€1 billion worth of counterfeit goods were seized in 2011. gif maker 5 1 DFY Agency

Need Anti-Piracy protection?

Are you in need of Anti-Piracy protection? Start protecting yourself and your content today!

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Our Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Automated Search Engine

Onsist has a straight-forward anti counterfeiting method of countering and managing counterfeit goods. It always gets the job done and sends out a strong warning to counterfeiters and illegal resellers.

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Personal Agents

We go beyond search engines to conduct manual searches in addition to search engine checks. Our OSINT trained professionals seek out, detect and remove illegally duplicated copyrighted material. A combination of machine expertise and human competency ensures a clean sweep of all counterfeit goods. That’s what our counterfeit protection can do for your brand.

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Search Engine Takedowns

We monitor search results pertaining to your content for legality, and have all illegal and counterfeit copies removed by taking the matter up with the concerned search engine. Once reported, these illegal search results should be taken down within a day.

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Our Anti-Piracy Security Plans

Our Anti-Counterfeiting solutions do not have fixed pricing plans like our Anti-Piracy services do. The average price is $469,- a month (ex. VAT). If you’d like a price identification, feel free to contact us.

Our Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

The selling of counterfeit products online is big business. Several products are targets for unauthorized duplication, and the risk is too great to ignore. Find out more about our counterfeit protection services.


Monitor auction sites and eCommerce sites for counterfeit products. Constant monitoring enables quick alerts and nips damage in the bud.

Test Purchases

In order to identify and define fake products, we perform test purchases and check products for authenticity.

Social Media

We monitor social media posts/messages leading to rogue eCommerce sites and infringing auction sites.

Search Results

We remove infringing search results from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. That way illegal products can’t be found.

Chinese Marketplaces

We leverage our contacts at Chinese online marketplaces and auction sites to remove counterfeit goods in the shortest possible time.

We use evidential purchasing methods

In order to get fake and counterfeit products removed, sometimes products need to be purchased.

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Why choose our Anti-Counterfeiting Solution?

We’re here to protect your intellectual property against the likes of counterfeiting. Find out why you should use our anti-counterfeit technology services.


We have been safeguarding brands and businesses for a multitude of years now. We’ve been learning and improving ever since – this is what gives us our rich experience in Anti-Counterfeiting Solution services.

Valuable Assistance

If you would rather be safe than sorry, our anti-counterfeiting service can be of valuable assistance in addressing duplication and serving as a deterrent to prevent future misuse.


It doesn’t matter if your major brand or a small business: we will find a solution to your problems. By using our search engine combined with professional agents we can always find a custom solution.