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Over 250+ brands have protected themselves against Piracy and Counterfeiting with DFY Agency.

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“Their professionalism is outstanding.”

DFY Agency allowed us to quickly and easily remove all our training videos that were illegally available on different download platforms and forums. Their professionalism is outstanding, and their effectiveness as well: in a few days, hundreds of illegal connections have been cut. DFY Agency detects and continuously monitors our shared videos, which allows us to focus again on content production, instead of constantly monitor all the links. Their team takes care of that for us, and they do it well.

Mattias P.

“It is a streamlined service that is vital to the protection of our business.”

As a company that provides digital products to a global clientele, we at Wintercroft consider the unique and thoroughly effective services of DFY Agency essential. It is a streamlined service that is vital to the protection of our business round the clock. Running an international business with digital products and presentation presents unique and complicated problems – particularly for a small team. Without assistance locating and removing infringing content, things can go from chaotic to catastrophic very quickly. DFY Agency deals with this content swiftly and prevents small issues from escalating. DFY Agency is a vitally important part of our business.

Agent 3
Wintercroft Design Limited

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“DFY Agency are certainly the fastest without question.”

We are a dance music record label and its extremely important we are on top of the illegal download pirates. This can affect more than just sales, it can also have an impact on chart positions which then has an effect on profile, so making sure the illegal download links are taken down quickly and professionally is essential to our existence. DFY Agency have proved themselves to be 100% efficient, their professionalism in communications to the takedown procedure is second to none. We often need quick action and DFY Agency are certainly the fastest without question, we have experienced several other services which cannot compare. We have complete satisfaction with the service DFY Agency provide and the cost is extremely competitive, we also have absolute confidence they are taking care of our needs and we can see a long business relationship ahead.

Tall House Digital LTD.

When it comes to protecting yourself and your company from illegal file sharing it can be a tedious task. Monev Software was handling this in house until we found DFY Agency. Thanks to DFY Agency we have cut our expenses and received top support and service. DFY Agency handles all of our requests and delivers complete reports of anyone found violating our copyright. Thanks again!
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Monev Software LLC
We have been using DFY Agency for half a year and we couldn’t be happier with their service. Before approaching DFY Agency we were trying to deal with take downs ourselves. It was a nightmare. The shear number of sites with links to our game made the process overwhelming. After contacting DFY Agency the pain has gone away. They’ve found the links for us and issued the takedowns and we don’t have to think about it. And, on top of that, they have been professional and pleasant to deal with. It’s been a relief.
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Miriam Bellard
No Reply Games
DFY Agency is an amazingly simple solution to piracy in the internet age. They monitor everything for you and send you a list of the content they have removed each week. They also keep you apprised of shared passwords and any other possible breeches. In the rare case you happen to stumble upon any shared content yourself, rather than typing up a lengthy DMCA notice, just send them the link and they will do it all for you. It truly makes piracy an after thought for producers, salvaging lost revenue, and allowing them to focus on what they do best.
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Kitsch Productions