Request a Demo

Request a demo and look around in our client system. During this demo you can freely roam around and have a look at features such as the statistics and reports tab, the support tab and much more. Make yourself familiar with the Onsist client environment.

Client Portal Features gif maker 10 3 DFY Agency

Request a Demo

Under the ‘Services’ tab, you will find that you can order different protection plans. These are the following plans: standard anti-piracy protection and premium anti-piracy protection. In the services tab, you can also look at the current service you’re subscribed to. gif maker 11 3 DFY Agency

Support & Tickets

Within the ‘Support’ tab you can find several helpful resources when it comes to navigating the client portal, and on other subjects. If you’re in need of help, have a question or have a request; you can always send us a ticket through the ‘Ticket’ tab. gif maker 12 3 DFY Agency

Statistics & Reports

Within the ‘Statistics & Reports’ tab you will be able to track and follow our progress. Here you can see how many video, download, image, Google links, etc. we have found and reported and taken down. You will also be able to download reports. gif maker 13 3 DFY Agency


Under the ‘Affiliates’ tab, you will able to sign up for our affiliate program. Signing up for this program has never been easier. Just click on the ‘Activate Affiliate Account’ button, and you’re set. You can use our Onsist badges and are eligible for affiliates fee.

This is not a free trial

This client portal demo is not a free trial. No anti-piracy work will be done. This is just a way for you to have a look around in our client portal.