Brand Protection Solutions

Digital piracy, phishing, cybersquatting, brandjacking and pay-per-click fraud can erode your marketing investment, affect brand reputation and lead to a loss of customer trust. gif maker 2 DFY Agency

Our Brand Protection services

Our brand protection services provide proactive defense against fraudulent use of your brand online. gif maker 1 DFY Agency

Anti-Piracy Protection

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Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

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Mobile Application Protection


What we do

We make it a point to safeguard the brand equity, web traffic and reputation of brands from every kind of abuse, from unauthorized channels, paid search scams and counterfeit products to brand impersonation, cyber-squatting and other high-intensity threats.


Onsist’s Brand Protection Solutions are designed to preserve the trust of your customers


We safeguard your marketing investments with our brand protection strategy


We boost your revenue by helping you eliminate misuse of brand names online.

“Digital piracy costs global economy $75 billion.”

Source: Frontier Economics 

Are you in need of Anti-Piracy protection?

Have a look at our Anti-Piracy Protection page, and see how we can help you.


Our Brand Protection Strategy

If you are the CEO if your company and you want a quick and foolproof way to detect online abuse, you have come to the right place.

Detect Abuses Faster and Better

Monitor a variety of online data sources – B2B exchanges, auctions, paid search, eCommerce sites, mobile app stores, email, social media and more – with a much greater frequency.

Marketing Investments

Prevent pay-per-click scams, cybersquatting and SEO manipulation from diverting your web traffic to an unaffiliated site which will associate your brand image with disagreeable content.

Protect Profit

Shut down sites that sell counterfeit or gray market goods and reduce the false customer service and warranty claims. Made possible by our brand protection agency.

Brand Reputation Control

Defend against all false associations and impersonations on mobile app stores, websites, and social media sites.

Great Protection, Less Effort

Identify all instances of high-priority brand abuse, automate enforcement measures and simplify enterprise range collaborations.

Build Brand Confidence

Keep your customers away from infringing sites till the enforcement measures are in full effect with this brand protection agency.

Why choose for DFY Agency?

Our brand protection company is here to protect your intellectual property against the likes of counterfeiting and piracy.


We have been safeguarding brands and businesses for a multitude of years now. We’ve been learning and improving ever since – this is what gives us our rich experience in Brand Protection Solutions.

Valuable Assistance

If you would rather be safe than sorry, our Brand Protection Services can be of valuable assistance in addressing duplication and serving as a deterrent to prevent future misuse.


It doesn’t matter if your major brand or a small business: our brand protection company will find a solution to your problems. By using our search engine combined with professional agents we can always find a custom solution.