“I am thrilled with the amount of stolen content you guys get removed!”

Korina Kova, Manyvids Star 2019

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Adult Content Protection

Adult content is prone to a lot of piracy. In fact, porn is one of the most pirated types of content on the web. As an adult model, you’ve probably experienced piracy to some degree. You’re missing out on hard earned revenue. We’d love to help you keep it in your own pocket. We’ve had experience with several different models from several different platforms, such as: Manyvids, Clips4Sale and iWantClips. So we’re sure we can help you out as well!

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DFY Agency to the Rescue

We can help you protect your videos and shows against online piracy. With a team of experienced agents who aren’t afraid of doing some manual work, we’re ready to monitor, report and take down illegal content. We have a state-of-the-art search engine that crawls the internet 24/7 in search of downloads, videos and images. Our men and machines work together (peacefully!) to keep pirates from stealing and uploading your precious content.

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Increase your Sales

By protecting your content, you’ll also notice an increase in revenue. By deleting illegal copies of your work, customers will be coming back for the original video.

How do we work?

At DFY Agency, we have a specific pattern we like to follow. This pattern allows us to give you the best possible service, and keeps you up-to-date on everything we find, report and delete. Our agents separate their work in three phases, namely: MonitoringReporting and Results.


Non stop protection of your content.

Automated Search engine.
Search engines will look for infringements day and night.

Personal Agents.
Manual searches by agents will ensure more content found.

Search Removals.
Anti-piracy agents will look for illegal results in Google & Bing.

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Deleting content as soon as it’s found.

DMCA Notice.
Experts will send out take down notices to infringing parties.

Search Engines.
Agents will report illegal search results to Google & Bing.

Hosting Providers.
If necessary, hosting providers will be notified of infringing clients.

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Content Status

Content Status.
Find out what content has been deleted and is in progress.

Live Updates.
Sign in to your client portal to check our current progress.

Weekly Reports.
Receive a weekly update every monday about previous’ week work.

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“Ever since I’ve asked DFY Agency for help, I’ve noticed a HUGE decline in piracy!”

Larkin Love